About Us

Our History

Garden Gate Nursery began by filling a need. The need was supplying the blossoming development throughout the local cities of Pasco, Kennewick, & Richland Washington with trees. This new construction was booming, leaving local nurseries waiting 3-6  weeks for stock shipments from out-of-state. Garden Gate begin stocking 500 trees and has now grown to a total inventory of over 10,000 trees in 100 different varieties.

Garden Gate Nursery provides trees ready for planting year around to nurseries and landscapers.  Garden Gate Nursery plants all trees using the pot-n-pot method of planting.  The pot-n-pot method allows landscapers and nurseries to plant and sell their trees year around.  Locally and traditionally, trees are sold using the familiar ball and burlap method. This means the customer goes to a nursery, picks out a tree, the nursery tags the tree and then calls the customer when the tree is ready for planting, usually in January – March. 

Garden Gate understands that customers and businesses want their landscape to look finished when their project is finished and not have to wait until the dormant season for trees. That is why we chose to plant our trees in pots making them available for transplanting anytime throughout the year.


Our Quality Product

We supply quality, wholesale trees to nurseries and landscapers throughout the western United States. It is our desire to consistently produce quality, disease free trees. In order to do this we have implemented several features that you may not notice elsewhere. These additional features help us grow and maintain quality trees. One difference is that our tree rows are father apart and our pots are spaced at a greater distance than most. This may seem trivial, however, the extra spacing consistently produces a nice, evenly filled out tree without extra pruning. We also operate a state of the art electronic water and fertilization system. Our systems ensures that each tree is receiving the precise amount of fertilizer and water to optimize its potential growth. Our crew regularly inspects our trees to ward off any potential problems before they occur. Our business is to provide you with quality trees and we make every effort to do just that.

What started out with local deliveries has expanded to include the Pacific Northwest, Montana and growing interest in Colorado. We currently ship trees to many areas. Let us help you complete your next order.