From Alfalfa Hay to Tree Nursery.


In 2005 the nursery started.

Everett and Sandra were driving down one of the familiar farm roads in the Columbia Basin over 10 years ago, when they began talking about their dreams in farming. For years they had grown alfalfa hay, enjoying the night sky while baling hay in the summer time. Even though they loved what they did, they wanted to do something a little different. For months they had talked about different ideas using their farming experience to serve others, but nothing had seemed quite right. All of the sudden, one of them brought up the idea of starting a nursery again. "Doesn't that sound fun? We could call it "Garden Gate Nursery" and say, ‘Meet me at the garden gate’”.

Garden Gate Nursery began by filling a need. The need was supplying the blossoming development throughout the local cities of Pasco, Kennewick, & Richland, Washington with trees. New construction was booming, leaving local nurseries waiting 3-6 weeks for stock shipments from out-of-state. Garden Gate began with 500 trees and it all started as a response to the dream to supply people with beautiful trees to enjoy for generations.

Over the years, we have learned much about the do’s and don'ts of farming trees. It has been a huge challenge, but a fulfilling one as well. Garden Gate exists to primarily serve retail nurseries and landscapers, but on occasion we enjoy the blessing of opening our doors to people in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.