Our focus at Garden Gate has been to provide our customers with high quality shade and ornamental trees.  We have learned a lot about growing containerized trees the last 12 years, and we know there is a lot left to learn, but our hope is to always ship the absolute best plant material we have to our customers. 


Probably our most needed product for parks and city spaces; we grow shade trees, from Autumn Blaze Maple to some different varieties of Zelkova.


We carry quite a few ornamental varieties of trees in smaller number for the plants you need to spruce up your landscaping needs. 


Our Garden Gate West facility in the Willamette Valley of Oregon grows a wide variety of conifers from graft to 15 gallon pot size, 100 percent in container. 

Plant Packages.

The last couple years we have worked with a few landscapers to put complete plant packages together for their jobs. Several things make it easy for us to bring our trees and plants from partnering farms directly to your job. 

  1. Delivery is easy. Since we have our own refer trailers and semis, we deliver anywhere in the Northwestern US and Canada.
  2. We're happy to bring in plants within a couple months of your need, making it easy for you to order everything from us, then let us figure out the complications of getting your plants to your job site.
  3. We'll sub plants if they're hard to find at a reasonable price. With your permission, we will sub plants that are similar so that you can get the best plant for your money.
  4. We can grow plants specifically for your job. With enough prior notice, we can start specific plants just for your job. We won't market your plants to other farms, but will grow exactly what you need, just for you.
  5. Our refers can sit on your job. At extra cost, we will leave our refrigerated trailers with your plants on your job, for up to 3 days so you can take the required time necessary to plant.